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Author Topic: Creating Logos for the Game  (Read 7407 times)
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172642437 dreyerulrich
« on: February 05, 2010, 08:36:31 AM »

To create a logo you have to play somehow with some files... first you need your logo images, one at 64x64px and another at 128x128px... I recomend using png format as you can keep a consistent transparent background.
Then you have to convert your two images to a DDS format files... to do so put the images (for example logo1.png for the 128px and logo1b.png for the 64px) in this directory:

<wherever you installed your game>\Blood Bowl\Data\Tools

And then execute this: (thankfully they put a dds converter from nvidia inside the package :p ) In order to be able to run this command you'll have to use a DOS Shell (good old DOS  Tongue), do this: "Start -> Run... -> 'cmd'" and then execute that lines.
If you only have in that directory your files and the nvdxt.exe, you can use  "<wherever you installed your game>\Blood Bowl\Data\Tools\nvdxt -all" instead, this converts all images in the directory.

<wherever you installed your game>\Blood Bowl\Data\Tools\nvdxt.exe -file logo01.png
<wherever you installed your game>\Blood Bowl\Data\Tools\nvdxt.exe -file logo01b.png

Quote from: USEFULL TIP
The quickest way to convert images to DDS files is this:
  • Create the two logo files and put them here: <wherever you installed your game>\Blood Bowl\Data\Tools\
  • Create a shortcut for the "nvdxt.exe" file: "Right Click" on it and "create shortcut"
  • Edit the properties of the shortcut and add -all at the end of the TARGET textbox, it should look something like this: "E:\GAMES\Blood Bowl\Data\Tools\nvdxt.exe" -all
    (note that it seems to be case sensitive, so be sure to write "-all" lowercase) Wink
  • Now double click in the shortcut, you'll see a DOS window appearing, and then... all the images in that folder will be converted to DDS.

That will create the two dds files for your logo, then rename both to a names usable for the program, for example:

logo01.png => (this is the bigger 128x128 image)
logo01b.png => (this is the 64x64 image)

It is mandatory to have both logos (64x64 and 128x128), you can't do only one of them. Notice that the name is pretty flexible, if you keep putting your nick in the name (TOPO_Team in my case) you'll be able to share files with other players for your own leagues without having visual problems Smiley Just be sure to start the  name with "Logo_Human_" (ie:for humans) and finish it with "_Player" for the player image.

And move them here:

<wherever you installed your game>\Blood Bowl\Data\3d\Textures\Logos

or you can use  /User/<accountname>/Documents/Bloodbowl/Logos instead (it is your personal folder  so you'll not loose the logos if you uninstall and you can share the same computer with other players without mixing stuff)

[size=150]BUG REPORT[/size] if you use the "my documents/blood bowl..." location, the system seems to use only the TEAM logo and it is rendered blurry, but if you use the "Blood Bowl\Data\3d\Textures\Logos" folder, everything seems to work properly. So while the bug isn't fixed use the installation folder instead.

Use different names for different races (and avoid overwriting the existing ones)

Here you have the logos I made yesterday for the spanish official forum contest Wink

You can download this logos ready to use here:
There is a file for every races in the game... so you'll be able to use them anywhere Wink


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« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2010, 11:21:46 AM »


<wherever you installed your game>\Blood Bowl\Data\Tools\nvdxt.exe -file logo01.png

unnötig auf Systemen wie Windows XP oder Windows 7.
Dort gibt es das Verzeichnis in  eigene Dateien\Blood Bowl\Saves\Logos\
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